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SEO shifts for Google

5 Jan

In the past 12 months, Google has made notable shifts in the generation of its search results.

Most noticeably, the search engine seems to be putting more emphasis on the value of local search results. In some way, searches are now partly determined by where you’re searching from.

If this trend will continue in 2011, it will change the search engine optimization (SEO) playing field. Not to mention, it will boost the value of mobile SEO. If you combine that with time-based searches, the possibilities would be limitless.

Imagine walking in the mall and browsing the internet from your smart phone. Typing in a query from Google, like “clothes,” will bring back time and location based results. This means that the search engine can bring you links to the clothing stores in the mall, particularly the ones that have sales and promos.

Source: lastclicknews