SEO Myths, Mistakes & The Madness of Crowds

7 Oct

There are lots of topics going in SMX Coverage. The most important discussion was on SEO Myths. Below there are some points to have a look on.  For full explanation you can check the source

SEO Myths

  1. PageRank = Rankings
  2. PageRank Sculpting = Rankings
  3. Flash kills SEO; don’t use it
  4. Pages must have valid HTML
  5. Must use text links in navigation, not images
  6. Must use H1, H2, H3, etc
  7. You must have a certain keyword density on a page, 250 words on a page
  8. Duplicate Content = Penalty
  9. XML sitemap = Rankings
  10. Canonical tags vs 301
  11. Inbound links from certain TLDs count more (.edus)
  12. Buying links = banned
  13. Competitors can’t harm you
  14. Linking out helps SEO
  15. Off-page vs on-page factors
  16. AdWords advertisers rank better
  17. Google Endorses Some SEOs
  18. SERP clicks affect rankings
  19. Bounce rate affects rankings
  20. Goal of SEO = Ranking

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